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Here are two simple Bird House designs that you can easily build in a single weekend!

Step 1: Start by cutting two ends (A) from each two-foot long 1" x 6".

Step 2: Use your Bandsaw to resaw the remainder of each two-foot long board in half, then plane each board to a 5/16" thickness.

Step 3: Cut all parts (B, C, & D) to size as shown in the drawing.

Step 4: Tilt your saw table to 45-degrees and bevel the Roof (B), Sides (C) and Bottom (D) as shown in the drawings.

Step 5: Drill the entrance hole no larger than 1" in diameter to keep out all undesirable birds, then drill a 1/4" hole to accept the dowel perch.

Step 6: Use small galvanized or aluminum nails and waterproof wood glue to assemble the Ends, Roof and Sides. NOTE: When working with thin woods, it's always a good idea to drill small pilot holes for all nails prior to assembly to prevent wood splitting.

Step 7: Using a 3/32" diameter drill bit, bore pilot holes for the screw eyes in the top of the Roof. Install the screw eyes.

Step 8: Tap the Perch (E) into place. It should fit snugly without glue, but if it doesn't, a little glue will help hold it in position.

Step 9: Slide the bottom into position. Do not glue or nail the bottom. This allows its easy removal for clean-out.

Step 10: Apply the finish of your choice (see the Tips For Bird Houses box). Once the finish has dried, hang the house from your favorite tree. Wren houses should be hung 6' to 10' above ground.

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